Way to Wealth: COGS and OPEX

Jim Sackman, Strategy & Management

This Video is about how to look at the Cost Side of your Business. The model is based around the Way to Wealth Formula popularized by Brian Tracy. Jim Sackman is the former CTO of Advanced Fibre Communications and has a record as a innovator and executor of successful business plans and strategies. He has done this at companies large and small at all stages of their business cycle. Jim wants to help business owners and senior executives succeed and is offering his services as a business coach to this end. He will be working on improving the top and the bottom line of your business. To learn more about Jim go to http://www.jimsackman.com/ and check out his blog at https://jimsackman.wordpress.com/ and his Youtube channel at http://bit.ly/1W2yOLl and his LinkedIn profile at http://bit.ly/1W3yxNq