CIO Success Series – Now an Ongoing Feature!

Information Technology, Peter Irish

We are making the CIO Success Series an ongoing featured set of content. This video explores what we will be talking about in future episodes and who you will be hearing from! The CIO Success Series is all about the CIO or the person most directly responsible for a firm’s IT strategy. We will explore people and business issues across a wide group of topics. There will be 3 primary presenters. Over the last three decades, Peter has held management and executive roles in industries as diverse as food manufacturing, retailing, direct mail, hygienic paper products, amusement parks, and packaging, mainly in Europe and North America. Peter has a strong track record of growing sales, opening new markets, launching products, developing and re-developing sales organizations, re-energizing customer relationships, improving efficiency on both the front and back end of businesses, cutting costs, and leading change in a constructive and collegial manner. Peter leads a team of coaches in Northern California drawn from diverse industrial and cultural backgrounds— an outstanding pool of expertise. Vivek Agarwal has a strong passion to help striving executives, professionals and business owners achieve their full potential. He is dedicated to increasing profitability in small to medium sized businesses and providing strategic direction for future growth and development for businesses and professionals. Throughout his 27+ years in the high-tech industry, he has a proven track record in the areas of marketing, business management, resource administration and general management. He has an MBA and Master’s in Computer Engineering. Jim Sackman is the former CTO of Advanced Fibre Communications and has a record as a innovator and executor of successful business plans and strategies. He has done this at companies large and small at all stages of their business cycle. Jim wants to help business owners and senior executives succeed and is offering his services as a business coach to this end. He specializes in: Digital Transformations, Leadership Growth and Startup Coaching. To learn more about Business Coaching of Northern California find us a