Focus on Building Morale on Business Teams

People Development, Peter Irish We all use symbols to simplify our complicated business lives, but how can you actually leverage these symbols to achieve lasting motivation and build teams? Here’s one success story for you. Peter Irish is a certified FocalPoint Business Coach who leads a team of coaches in Northern California drawn from diverse industrial and cultural backgrounds. Over the last three decades, Peter has held management and executive roles in industries as diverse as food manufacturing, retailing, direct mail, hygienic paper products, amusement parks, and packaging. Peter has a strong track record of growing sales, opening new markets, launching products, developing and re-developing sales organizations, re-energizing customer relationships, improving efficiency on both the front and back end of businesses, cutting costs, and leading change. FocalPoint Business Coaching is the premier business coaching organization in North America with more than 200 coaches and 5,000 client companies served. Learn more here: