We’re all in Sales

Peter Irish, Sales & Marketing

https://norcalbusinesscoaching.com/videos/welcome. In this video we emphasize the three primal urges governing effective selling. Perhaps you already know that anyone in business is in sales. We certainly do, and we will help you regardless of your experience to refresh, renew, or realize the seminal aspects of being more influential in a sales context, developing more successful sales processes, and managing these processes for optimal results. Anecdotes and examples from numerous industries and individuals add life to the timeless concepts underpinning strong sales results. Marketing is similar in that it has existed for ten millennia or more, and although it has become much more complex, its basic mechanisms in many ways have not changed. That’s why we say there are basically only three ways to improve a business. Join Peter Irish, veteran sales and marketing professional, as well as other colleagues who support this key Practice Area. Whether you are a Business Owner or an Executive, you face challenges in at least four categories – Time, Team, Sales and Organizational Development. At FocalPoint of Northern California we bring a hands-on approach to helping clients clearly define and achieve their objectives. We offer a vast toolkit of solutions that can be customized to meet your needs. Come explore our site to learn how our trusted advisors partner with you to achieve business and personal success! We are the aspirin for your business headache. https://www.facebook.com/focalpointnorcalforum. Over the last three decades, Peter has held management and executive roles in industries as diverse as food manufacturing, retailing, direct mail, hygienic paper products, amusement parks, and packaging, mainly in Europe and the North America. Peter has a strong track record of growing sales, opening new markets, launching products, developing and re-developing sales organizations, re-energizing customer relationships, improving efficiency on both the front and back end of businesses, cutting costs, and leading change in a constructive and collegial manner. Peter leads a team of coaches in Northern California drawn from diverse industrial and cultural backgrounds—an outstanding pool of expertise. https://www.linkedin.com/company/northern-california-business-coaching