At the WEBINAR, you'll learn:

How to appreciate diversity and use it to develop a stronger workplace

How to support the individual to foster a unified team

Webinar attendees receive a FREE evaluation and action planning session with one of our qualified coaches (a $575.00 VALUE just for attending)

Have you ever heard yourself or your employees say:

  • “They’re too set in their ways”
  • “They’re only in it for themselves”
  • “They won’t find the answer on their smart phone!”

There’s no doubt that the presence of four generations in the workplace is causing apprehension for leaders and employees.  But, are the wide gaps in age any different than past generational shifts or other demographic changes?  Do we need a new way of working with Millennials (and Generation Z)?  The answer is yes and no.  The workplace has undergone constant change and evolution over the past century and, as leaders and managers, how do we embrace the diversity of our teams to create something much stronger?

The new generation is here to stay – and they are also our future customers. How can we leverage the knowledge, work ethic and skills of experienced workers and embrace, engage and learn from the next generation?  Join us on October 10, 2017 at 11:00 a.m. PST to find out.

Need help evaluating and building a multigenerational workforce game plan for your business?  Attend the webinar and you'll be provided a FREE session with one of our qualified professionals to walk you through step by step….WOW THAT’S A $575.00 VALUE FREE FOR JUST ATTENDING