Leadership and Management Webinar


  • Do your organization’s leaders know how to engage a team?
  • Do they have visions others can embrace?
  • Are they able to help their direct reports define and achieve professional goals?
  • Do they get their work down without appearing frazzled, aggressive or overwhelmed?


Yes? No? Maybe? Skilled managers and supervisors can do all these things. Managing people is both an art and a science. There are several key result areas for each manager and your ability to function well in each of these areas is central to your success and effectiveness as a manager. The very best managers are those who have taken the time to identify the key skills required by their craft and who have worked on themselves to develop those skills to a high level.

At the WEBINAR, you will learn the following:

  • Learn the Seven Secrets of Managerial Success
  • Learn how to create your business action plan for success
  • Webinar attendees receive a FREE evaluation and action planning session with one of our qualified coaches (a $575.00 VALUE just for attending)
  • Due to this special offer the webinar space is limited to the first 100 registrants. 

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Managers represent a key leverage point for the success of an organization, and the factors that contribute to success are well documented.  If you are a manager or an aspiring leader, self-knowledge and planning for improvement is critical for you to be successful.  In this webinar, we will review the key elements for management success and provide you with clear concepts that you can implement immediately to be more effective in your role.

  • Start by taking this short assessment quiz and we will provide you with your score. You can then learn how to evaluate and format an action plan based on the results at the webinar.
  • Need help evaluating and building your business action plan? Attend the webinar and you will receive a FREE session with one of our qualified coaches to walk you through step by step….WOW THAT’S A $575.00 VALUE FREE FOR JUST ATTENDING


Sept. 14, 2017 11:00 am PST/ 2:00 pm EST

Self-Assessment Questionnaire for Management & Leaders


Your willingness to honestly assess your strengths and weaknesses as a manager, leader and individual contributor is the first step towards improving your effectiveness and developing action plans and long-lasting habits for continual improvement.

For each statement, click the button in the column that best describes you. Please answer questions as you actually are (rather than how you think you should be), and do not worry if some questions seem to score in the ‘wrong direction’. When you are finished, please click the ‘Calculate My Total’ button at the bottom of the assessment.

Leadership and Management Quiz

I am comfortable with myself and accept who I am.
I know my strengths and my limitations.
My words and actions are consistent.
I seek feedback on my own performance from a mentor/trusted advisor.
I take advantage of training opportunities to develop my own skills.
Time Management
I have a prioritized to-do list that I work from each day.
I am able to accomplish my most important and urgent tasks on a daily basis.
I create an action plan for each of my key result areas.
Performance Indicators
I track monthly metrics for each key business area I’m responsible for.
I link individual and departmental goals to organizational goals.
I establish goals for my team that clearly state what needs to be accomplished.
I establish goals for my team that can be measured.
Delegate responsibilities
When I delegate work, I consider project goals and parameters, employees’ strengths, and employees’ developmental needs.
I am willing to turn over an assignment. My way is not always the best way.
I allow for others’ mistakes, recognizing that they are part of the learning curve.
I give timely and thoughtful feedback and follow-up.
Employee Accountability
I explain performance goals clearly and check that they are understood.
I identify and plan collaboratively with employees about how to overcome obstacles to performance.
I set performance standards at stretch levels.
I monitor performance against goals.

Score Interpretation




You need to improve your management skills urgently. There are several opportunities to improve management effectiveness. If you want to be effective in a leadership role, you must learn how to organize and monitor your team's work. Now is the time to start developing these skills to increase your team's success!


You are on your way to becoming a good manager. You have the basic management areas covered, and there is an opportunity to be even better. Now it is time to work on the skills that you have been avoiding. Focus on the areas where your score is low, and figure out what you can do to make the improvements you need.


Congratulations! You have the primary tactics in place to maximize your management. You are doing a great job managing your team. Now you should concentrate on improving your skills even further. In what areas did you score a bit low? That is where you can develop improvement goals. Also, think about how you can take advantage of these skills to reach your career goals.

Effective management requires a wide range of skills, and each of these skills complements the others. Your goal should be to develop and maintain these skills so that you can help your team accomplish its objectives efficiently and successfully.

The live webinar will address many of the skills needed to succeed as a manager and as a special bonus, we will provide you a FREE consultation with one of our professionals to evaluate your test score and format an action plan to implement the skills you will learn at the webinar. This is a $575.00 value, and the knowledge you take away from the consultation will be invaluable to your business.