Why is Corporate Training Necessary?

Why should you and your company invest in corporate training programs? Here are several reasons our clients often cite:

  • Improve Productivity
  • Advance Employee Retention
  • Raise Morale
  • Foster Innovation
  • Promote Proactivity
  • Enhance Efficiency
  • Create Competitive Advantage
  • Professional Growth
  • Build Better Teams
  • Gain Time


Why FocalPoint?

FocalPoint Corporate Training programs and Business Coaching was founded sixteen years ago based on the work of Brian Tracy who has written more than 70 books on business success and personally coached or trained in excess of 2 million executives during his career. We number about 200 coaches and trainers across North America.

In Northern California, our certified trainers and business coaches are former executives with 150+ years of combined business leadership experience. Our team members have held roles at the GM, VP, and Director level with companies such as Intel, Siemens, Bio-Rad, HP, and Kimberly Clark. We leverage our diverse backgrounds to deliver high- impact, meaningful training programs that engage, inspire, and equip your teams for today's challenges.

About Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy has produced and delivered professional programs that earned the #1 ranking in global sales. Having rejuvenated thousands of business and consulted for some of the world’s top companies, Brian Tracy has earned accolades and is renowned throughout the world as an authority on organizational, personal, and professional development. Brian Tracy is a world premier coach, speaker and the author of 70 plus books on business success. FocalPoint Business Coaching is grounded in the processes and principles of Brian Tracy.

About Our Coaches





Corporate Training and Business Coaching Programs Guaranteed to Meet Your Needs

FocalPoint Business Coaching, corporate training, and the NORCAL Business Coaching Team have collected a vast store of training programs. In this overview, we have selected the most effective programs, like a tool box, with specific programs for particular organizational needs.

How to Read the Chart: Starting at the top, for example, if you want to enhance the sales and influencing skills of a specific group or level in your organization, then the blue bullets indicate that Superior Selling Skills, Strategic High Performance Leadership, Personal Effectiveness, and One on One Executive Coaching will be your best choices. 










Training and Coaching Programs Guaranteed to Fit Your Team

Please note, FocalPoint Business Coaching and the NorCal Business Coaching Team have trained and coached more than 5,000 clients. We realize that one size does not fit all. That’s why we offer programs that suit different experience levels, from new hires right up to the C-Suite.


How to Read the Chart: Suppose, for example, that your Executives see the need to improve their own performance. For “Owners / Executives” six blue bullets indicate relevant programs: Navigational Conversations™, Perform at Your Best, Time Management, Strategic High Performance Leadership, COMM@ILICATIONÒ, and HoneyComb 360©.




  • Navigational Conversations
  • Superior Selling Skills
  • Perform at Your Best
  • Time Management
  • Strategic High Performance
  • Leadership
  • HoneyComb 360©
  • Personal Effectiveness



Leadership through Questions

Duration & Number of Participants: 2 Days, 8-15 participants

As a leader in your business, how many times have you been confronted with the same issue?  A senior manager has all the experience to solve an issue faster than a more junior team member, so the senior

manager (who is already under huge performance or time pressure) goes off and “fixes” the issue him- or herself instead of taking the time to teach the junior employee how to think through the situation and solve it on his or her own.

It’s a natural human behavior and in the short term it may even be efficient, however, in the longer run it throttles productivity by creating skill bottlenecks that impede the performance of the whole organization.

Some leaders have realized that actually what they need to do is to instill a coaching culture—teaching managers to guide their teams to solve their own issues instead of always being dependent on a manager to resolve every challenge.

That is the essence of Navigational Conversations™. We will teach your team to work more effectively through others by adopting many of the tried and true practices coaches use to improve performance without necessarily actually performing the work themselves.

Navigational Conversations provides organizational leaders with the skills to unlock the talents and problem-solving abilities of others.

A major challenge faced by many organizational leaders is their own tendency to be hands-on problem solvers. This skill may have contributed to their promotion to management, but it can easily become a limitation. Effective leaders know that their primary role is not to solve problems but to unleash the problem-solving capacity of those around them. Until they gain this skill, they are functioning as “worker bees” instead of leaders.


Why You Need This Program

  • Many of your managers are doing too much hands-on work themselves.
  • There is untapped potential in your workplace and you want to harness that potential.
  • You need a fast, simple and practical way to help managers make the shift from problem solving to leading.

Navigational Conversations combines the key principles of coaching with extensive practice using actual situations faced by participants.


Who Should Attend

This program is designed specifically for organizational leaders interested in enhancing their capacity to develop others through effective coaching conversations. The material is as suitable for senior leaders as it is for individuals assuming a leadership role for the first time.

Day One - focuses on foundational principles and skills.

Day Two - explores more advanced skills and more challenging coaching situations.


What Participants Learn

  • The key principles that define successful coaching interactions.
  • The difference between the problem-solving mindset and the navigational coaching mindset.
  • When and where to apply a coach approach.
  • A tested and proven 5-step coaching model.
  • Fundamental coaching skills, including:
  • The Art of Conscious Listening
  • The Art of the Question
  • The Art of Telling
  • How to provide effective positive, corrective, and developmental feedback.
  • How to benchmark current coaching ability and assess progress.


What Makes Our Corporate Training Program Unique

  • The navigational metaphor illuminates coaching principles in a way that is clear and memorable.
  • Key concepts are demonstrated with video examples.
  • Forty years of combined leadership expertise has gone into developing this intensive corporate training program. 



Ideal as a Refresher or for “Newbies”

Duration & Number of Participants: 1-2 Days, 10+ participants

Actually, we are all in Sales!

Over the course of the last several decades, it has been our pleasure to help organizations redesign their sales teams and processes on numerous occasions, usually in a multicultural, fast-moving environment where the customers often had far more leverage than the sellers.

At one point my personal challenge was to merge a German salesforce with an Italian/French sales team. You can imagine the complexities as we worked together using bad English as our common language. Ultimately, though we recast the team into a unified, disciplined force to be reckoned with in that particular market, as we grew twice as fast as the industry at large for several years.

Morale, clarity of purpose, simple but robust processes, and consummate selling skills were the secrets of our success.  No matter whether your team is newly minted, recently merged or has been working together for years, everyone can improve effectiveness and add new sales tools to their repertoire.

FocalPoint's corporate training and business coaching programs can help you up your game, too, by bringing the world-class sales training developed by Brian Tracy to life for you and your sales team.

– Peter Irish


The Situation

Selling today is more competitive than ever before. Sales success in this market demands a new breed of top caliber professionals with advanced selling skills. Whatever got salespeople to where they are today is not enough to keep them there.


The Opportunity

Corporate survival today is absolutely dependent on a world-class sales force. As many as 70% of companies do no sales training at all. The ones who do will control the markets of tomorrow. 

By fielding the best-trained, most highly-skilled salespeople, the company can control its own destiny.


The Potential

This state-of-the-art corporate training program, custom-tailored to your organization, will give your people powerful tools, techniques and methodologies that enable them to defeat the competition and achieve their sales quotas on schedule. It will enable them to make an immediate jump in sales performance.


The Benefits

  • Create a world-class sales team
  • Learn how to penetrate major accounts
  • Identify the multiple decision-makers involved in each sale
  • Uncover and solve the real problems of the customer
  • Position yourself as the best all- around solution
  • Rapid, measurable improvements in sales performance
  • Learn how to negotiate, sell against competition
  • Greater power, purpose and direction in achieving sales quotas



Designed to be custom-tailored for your specific market situation. Choose between the Business to Business version which is geared to salespeople selling to businesses or the Individual Series which is formatted for sales to individuals. This interactive, multi- media, training program can be conducted by inside personnel or outside professionals.

The Program:

  • The New Realities of Selling
  • The Winning Edge
  • Personal Sales Planning
  • Prospecting Power
  • Relationship Selling
  • Selling Consultatively
  • How Buyers Buy
  • Building Customer Relationships
  • Asking Your Way to Success
  • Identifying Needs Accurately
  • Influencing Customer Behavior
  • Mega-Credibility in Selling


  • Making Persuasive Presentations
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Selling on Non-Price Issues
  • Overcoming Price Resistance
  • Negotiating the Sale
  • Closing the Sale
  • Providing Excellent Customer Service
  • Getting Resales and Referrals
  • Time Management for Salespeople



Time is Everything!

Duration & Number of Participants: 1 Day, 10+ participants

Often we conduct corporate training and business coaching sessions in which we ask executive participants to tell us, “What is the most important aspect of human life?” Enthusiastically, they answer “love,” “money,” “family,” “success,” “health,” and a dozen other answers. We write all of these answers down on the whiteboard and wait until they run out of steam.

Then we turn to them and say something like, “Great. You can have all the love in the world… but you have no time to enjoy it.” “You can have all the money in world… but you have no time…”

Invariably there is a groan at this point as the participants realize that none of them mentioned time as being important, when, obviously, it is arguably after life and consciousness, probably the most important aspect of human life.

Time is in fact invaluable and helping people find more time by living and working in a more effective manner is always highly appreciated at all levels in the organization.

In recent training sessions we have helped executives find 9-10% more time, and in one case, 18% more time  What would you accomplish with that much more time?— Peter Irish


The Situation

In order to improve performance and productivity, you must become an expert in time management. There is no skill that is more closely correlated to success in life or business, than the ability to manage time well.


The Goal

To understand the psychology of time management. To establish clear, written goals organized in order of importance. To determine the actions that you will have to take to achieve these goals and organize those actions in terms of priorities. To overcome procrastination, learn how to delegate and balance work and family.


The Process

This fast-moving, 1 or 2 day total immersion program gives each person a series of practical action tools that can be applied immediately to get better results. The program will help develop common goals and a standard frame of reference for better communications and immediate performance improvement.


The Training

A fully-flexible, multi-media assisted training program, complete with workbooks, exercises and audio CD reinforcement. Designed to be easily facilitated by in-house personnel or outside professionals. 


The Benefits

  • More energy, Focus and Enthusiasm
  • Superior Performance
  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • Maximizing Productivity
  • Eliminating Time Wasters
  • Staying on the Fast Track


The Program

  • The Psychology of Time Management
  • Strategic Goal Setting
  • How to Set Priorities
  • Planning and Organizing
  • Effective Project Management
  • Eliminating Time Wasters
  • Overcoming Procrastination
  • Staying on the Fast Track
  • Delegating and Communicating
  • Balancing Work and Family
  • Philosophy of Time Management



Bypass Barriers

Duration & Number of Participants: 1-2 Days, 10+ participants

What’s holding you and your organization back? Collectively you know what has to be done… Many organizations find themselves repeating the past, following outdated practices, running so fast they have no time to reflect on how they should prepare for the next month, or quarter, or year, or decade…

This flexible, modular course offers a portfolio of tools for regaining control, changing your focus, eliminating distractions, motivating yourself and others to change behavior, and many other techniques. Highly interactive, facilitated sessions flesh out the video segments featuring Brian Tracy, while customized workbooks drive learning of key concepts to help your team retain what they’ve learned and put it to effective use.

The main content emphasizes business performance, but there are also useful personal development opportunities to reduce stress, rebalance your life, and achieve more in the process. Brian Tracy has written more than 70 books over the last 30 years and coached or trained in excess of 2 million executives. How about you and your team? What’s holding you back?


The Goal

Why are some people more successful than others? This question has been studied by the greatest thinkers throughout the ages. This program is designed to give individuals the strategies, methods and techniques practiced by the most successful, happy and productive people in our society.


The Solution

Brian Tracy has shared these ideas with more than one million men and women over the world. Many tens of thousands of people in some of the biggest and best corporations have been through this program and ranked it as the finest seminar on personal and professional development ever created.


How You Benefit

Learn how to set goals, take responsibility, manage change, communicate effectively, solve problems, meet challenges, manage time and take full control of your work and personal life. By practising the principles of Maximum Achievement, your entire life will be transformed. You will be able to accomplish more than most people accomplish in a lifetime.


The Training

A fully flexible, multi-media corporate training and business coaching program, complete with workbooks, exercises and audio CD reinforcement. Designed to be easily facilitated by in-house personnel or outside professionals.

The Program:

  • Keys to Peak Performance and Personal Leadership
  • Dynamics of Personal Leadership
  • The Seven Mental Principles to High Performance
  • The Key To Peak Performance
  • Taking Charge of Your Life
  • Releasing Your Brakes
  • Managing Your Emotions
  • Programming Your Mind for Success
  • Changing Your Self-Concept
  • The New Mental Diet
  • The Master Skill of Success


  • Seven Steps to Goal Achievement
  • Focal Point - The Power of Concentration
  • The Challenges of Change
  • Managing Your Career
  • High Performance Team Work
  • Eliminating Stress and Tension
  • Unlocking Your Creativity
  • Developing A Success Personality
  • The Integrating Principle
  • Achieving Balance In Life


Adopt Winning Leadership Practices

Duration & Number of Participants: 1-2 Days, 8-15 participants

Brian Tracy once wrote that the difference in having a Strategic Plan for your business or not is rather like crossing town riding a bicycle or driving a car. Assuming moderate traffic, the bicycle will eventually serve, but the car will get you there much faster.

This is a good metaphor for this course, as well. Too much of most managers’ time is spent head-down, working away, trying to accomplish tasks and get on to the next priority. On the other hand, remember feeling refreshed when you are on vacation? You can suddenly breathe, relax, maybe look around and enjoy? That is the sense you may get from having the shackles taken off and being able to look at your work more strategically.

This course offers perspectives, tools, and persuasive case examples to help you and your team change ingrained and perhaps not optimally productive practices for a more strategic and effective way of working.

Highly interactive, facilitated sessions, flesh out the video segments featuring Brian Tracy, while customized workbooks drive learning of key concepts to help your team retain what they’ve learned and put it to effective use. Step up and grow!


The Goal

Knowledge, technology and competition are increasing today at a rate never seen before. To survive and thrive in a fast-changing world, executives and organizations must out-team, out-think and out-perform their competitors -- every single day!


The Solution

The best companies have the best people, and top people are those who think and act faster and better than others. High Performance Leadership gives you the ideas, methods, strategies and techniques used by all highly effective executives, profitable businesses and world-class teams. You learn specific, proven, practical ways to plan, organize, staff, manage, motivate and think better than ever before. You learn how to get more done with fewer resources, and how to function effectively in times of rapid change.


How You Benefit Each session gives you a series of practical ideas you can use immediately to get better results. You receive specific action-oriented recommendations during our corporate training program that can be applied to every area of your organization to achieve world-class status

The Program:

  • Becoming a Leader
  • Key Functions of Managers
  • Seven Secrets of Managerial Success
  • How Excellent Leaders Lead
  • The Formula for Strategic Planning
  • Becoming a Master of Change
  • Motivating People for Maximum Results
  • Creating a Great Place to Work
  • Fielding a Winning Team
  • Communicate With Power
  • Boosting Employee Performance


  • Delegation — The Key to Leverage
  • Inspecting What You Expect
  • Coping With Difficult People
  • The Manager, Coach and Confidant
  • Getting the Best Out of Others
  • Meeting Management Magic
  • How to Solve Every Problem
  • Making the Best Decision
  • Balancing Your Total Life


Recapture the Enormous Time Wasted on Unnecessary Emails!

This corporate training program has proven exceptionally successful in helping a company confirm how emails should be used internally by establishing norms, communicating those norms consistently, and then monitoring progress over a longer period to prove the effectiveness of the measures.

Regular webinars keep Cohort leaders and their teams apprised of how they are performing versus their historical results and benchmarked against those of their peers. The program also tracks qualitative progress, for example, helping to shift employee attitudes away from negative and emotional attitudes toward positive and rational feelings about the use of email internally.

Quantitatively, the program measures changes in word count, main points and details, number of copies and the evolution of “tone,” i.e., the relative formality or informality of internal emails. If you are tired of wasting so much time managing your in-box, now there is an answer: COMM@ILICATION®!


Communicating Better With Fewer Emails

Duration & Number of Participants: 6-12 Months, 50+ participants

COMM@ILICATION®: This corporate training program will help your organization define what your email norms should be, how to improve the effectiveness of email communication based on these norms, quantify the improvement, monitor qualitative feedback, and be able to demonstrate concrete, measurable improvement within the project time frame.

Depending on the speed with which you want to affect change, we offer three gradations: STEP CHANGE, QUANTUM LEAP, or PARADIGM SHIFT.  Although we will customize the program for each organization, it generally follows these steps:


NORMING: No two organizations have exactly the same culture, so we create a reference group, often the management team, to help define how they see the issue internally, what “success” might look like, sampling practices, and how to organize the training and the evaluation cascade.


PRE-EVALUATION: Based on the NORMs provided above, we will then quantify key measures using the agreed sampling practices such as the content to length and style to substance ratios, as well as email frequency and copying behaviors.  In parallel, we will implement qualitative surveys to capture the organization’s views of what is appropriate email communication, including scope and frequency. Of course, these may well be quite different from the NORMs expressed by the reference group. 


CORPORATE TRAINING / EVALUATION ROUNDS: Depending on which gradation your organization has chosen, we will implement between three and six rounds of training for managers to train their own teams, including equipping them with the required knowledge and tools to improve email  effectiveness.  We can even support inter-team competition if desired.


POST-EVALUATION: In this last stage, we will be able to demonstrate quantitatively the progress the organization has made in migrating toward the reference team’s NORMs, both quantitatively, using the measures mentioned below, and attitudinally based on the parallel and continuous qualitative surveys.  Ideally, attitudes will have shifted to recognize and embrace the enormous time saving that efficient
email communication represents.


Develop Whole Teams While Optimizing Processes!

Duration & Number of Participants: 6-12 Months, 8-15 participants

A honey comb is unbelievably strong due to its structure. Each cell supports the integrity of the whole. Bees are also industrious, work collectively in the interests of the whole hive and offer an excellent metaphor for an organization that works well together. HoneyComb 360© allows a management or functional team to…

  • improve their mutual understanding of each other’s’ roles,
  • share their views on each other’s performance,
  • consider changes in role and process that can improve the total company’s performance in a safe setting, and, after a synthesis session, to deliberately
  • include or exclude considered changes, and
  • reflect on what new skills or behaviors would be required if the roles changed accordingly.

HoneyComb 360© provides a powerful change program, a team-building process, a skills development approach, and a productivity boost all in one. If you want to take your team and your enterprise to the next level, consider HoneyComb 360©.


Enable Success


Duration & Number of Participants: 6-12 Sessions, <10 participants

Our educational system helps us hone specialized skills intended to make us better managers, salespeople, controllers, operators, etc. However, the most important set of tools rarely gets a single mention until much later in our professional careers… the behaviors that make us more or less effective.

For example, how can we expect a team member to be effective if he or she lacks self-awareness? Think about it. The most effective people you know are aware of how they are seen by others most of the time and use this knowledge to their advantage. They listen actively and have learned to use questions to build rapport, clarify, and resolve issues.

They probably manage their time effectively, too, and seem more productive than others as a result. Beyond this, they have learned to reflect on themselves, their colleagues, their enterprise, competitors, and even market conditions to draw conclusions that others may miss.

Then they leverage above average communication skills to be more influential and often, better leaders.

Our corporate training can help your team improve on all of these measures and then you, too, will be all smiles.






We will perform a DISC psychographic assessment and provide a detailed report to each participant. We will study and discuss the results, and, in pairs (“accountability partners”), work through the key learnings and opportunities for each participant. 

Active Listening

The soul of selling and persuasion is actually listening well, so we will focus on this key skill, adding tactics, a checklist, and a safe laboratory to test and develop this capability. 

Time Management

For most managers, time is of the essence, and as pressure continually builds to be more and more productive, managing your time becomes ever more critical. We will begin with the basics of managing for impact and protecting priorities. 


Often an answer will improve if one waits and reflects. In this area we will bring in techniques for gaining time to reflect and also methods of coming at issues from new directions. 

Communication Skills

We will begin by relearning the basics, such as “think before you speak,” then we will focus on planning discussions in advance, directing them in mid-flow, and conclude with handling objections. 


We will begin to explore this subject in the final sessions, leaving participants with a reasonable set of tools and some practice in this ancient and valuable art.



“Working with Peter Irish and FocalPoint Business Coaching we have made tremendous progress in defining our company strategy, clarifying the roadmap that will take us there, and improving self-awareness and communication within the team. It now seems realistic for me to be able to delegate more of the day to day operations as my team gains clarity on their performance indicators… I cannot recommend Peter Irish and FocalPoint Business Coaching highly enough!

- Peter Karp, Karp Capital Management, San Francisco


“…a big productivity improvement and positive cultural shift.”

As our business continued to grow and needed to re- position for future impact, it has become clear to me and my executive management team that email communication within our pool of managers could be greatly improved. There were many unnecessary, ill- structured, ill-timed and sometimes wrongly distributed emails. We wanted to actually change our email culture but we didn’t quite know where to start with it and how to secure the final success of such deep transformation.

Fortunately, Peter Irish and FocalPoint Business Coaching did and they proved capable of directing us through the entire process of this transformation. Using building blocks from their portfolio, Peter and his team devised a year-long program that achieved the following:

■ A highly effective guideline for internal email communication;

■ A significant evolution of both attitudes and perceptions toward internal emails from negative/emotional to positive/rational;

■ A majority shifted from “rarely” considering alternative communication methods (other than sending emails) to “often” considering them;

■ More than 500 internal emails selected at random demonstrated a huge improvement in the main points to word count ratio, fewer details, and in fact a much lower word count per email; and

■ Ultimately, almost two-thirds of participants stated that they believe the program has brought about a positive change in email behavior.

All of these developments represent a big productivity improvement and a positive cultural shift.

We highly recommend Peter Irish and FocalPoint Business Coaching and we believe that any organization can greatly benefit from their services.

- Miro Hosek, CEO, Advanced Food Products, LLC


“Thoughtful and effective training…”

“Alexandria Real Estate Equities works with life science and technology tenants with some of the most complicated and technical facility operations in the world. Our asset managers manage more than 3 million square feet of office and laboratory space here in the Bay Area. Over the course of 12 weeks, Peter led our seven- member asset management team through subjects including self-awareness, active listening, time management, reflection, communication, and finally, influencing. The course required a lot of hard work, however, the universal feedback from participants has been that it was very valuable, that they've learned a great deal, and are already implementing it to be both more successful and more comfortable in their complex and challenging roles. I would not hesitate to recommend Peter Irish, and FocalPoint Business Coaching to other business managers who wish to develop their teams through thoughtful and effective training.”

- Todd Miller, Senior Vice President, Leasing and Asset Services, Alexandria Real Estate Equities, San Francisco


“I have taken the DISC behavioral assessment several times in the past, but this is the first time I really understood and could use the results. Peter Irish and FocalPoint clearly offer a superior business coaching service. Peter in particular goes out of his way to make sure his clients benefit from his great material, as for example when we were developing my Personal Strategic Plan. I recommend Peter and FocalPoint highly.”

- Ildiko Pali, Princeton Realty, San Francisco