Every business owner and professional is unique as is each business. The principles of business are universal and they can be applied to any business. Our certified business coaches empower our clients achieve the results that they need for their business. Whether it is to bring home more money, have more free time, or improve their staff, our business coaches have the expertise, experience, and tools to bring your business to the next level.

Our business coaching services include both individual (one on one) and group sessions. During these sessions, professionals expand their business skillsets and set a track for continued growth and success with programs tailored for personal performance.

In individual coaching sessions, business owners and professionals meet one-on-one with their personal FocalPoint Business Coach to define goals, identify strategies for achieving those goals, and learn the skills necessary to grow their client base and advance their careers

In group coaching sessions, we tailor the content for each group. Topics can include: strategic planning, time management, leadership, succession planning, change management, and sales or client acquisition. Groups are often made up of coworkers and colleagues, association chapters, clubs and shared-interest groups, networking organizations, and individuals who are looking for options other than one-on-one coaching.

The benefits of coaching with FocalPoint include:

Gain a firm understanding of your business, its core product or service, your competitors and customers, your critical constraints in order to identify the gap between where your business is today and where you want it to be, and perhaps most importantly, your areas of excellence, what is it that your business does better than any of your competitors and identify ways to enhance it.

Discover how to increase your productivity by effectively setting goals, focusing your time on your highest value activities, and delegating the low value activities to your team. You will learn the keys to effective delegation and team building to dramatically increase productivity and profitability by simplifying, consolidating and making incremental improvements in seven critical activities.

Grow your business and increase profits by applying the Way to Wealth formula effectively branding your product or service, implementing marketing and sales strategies to generate more revenue from your most productive products or services and eliminating those that do not effectively generate increased profits.

Increase revenue and productivity by improving your leadership skills by determining and executing your personal and business strategies and strategically gain control of your life and business by implementing the seven “R’s” to take responsibility and manage stress.

Superstar Salespeople
Dramatically increase revenue by becoming a superstar salesperson. Identify your ideal prospect, learn how to establish rapport and identify the prospect’s need by asking good questions, overcoming objections and effectively closing the sale. You and your team will be able to realize an immediate increase in sales by implementing these effective selling techniques.

The benefits of FocalPoint Coaching include:

  • Clarity
  • Effectiveness
  • Growth
  • Leadership
  • Superstar Salespeople