Vivek Agarwal

Vivek Agarwal
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Executives, Business Owners, Tech Companies, Small Corporations, Medium Corporations

South Bay

Together Everyone Achieves More: 6 Secrets of Managerial Success
October 27, 2016

About Vivek

Vivek Agarwal has a strong passion to help striving executives, professionals and business owners achieve their full potential. He is dedicated to increasing profitability in small to medium sized businesses and providing strategic direction for future growth and development for businesses and professionals. Throughout his 27+ years in the high-tech industry, he has a proven track record in the areas of marketing, business management, resource administration and general management. He has an MBA and Master’s in Computer Engineering.

As your business coach, Vivek will work with you one on one to develop effectual plans in key areas, such as leadership, management, marketing, and execution.

In his personal time, Vivek has delivered enlightening lectures and seminars to a variety of aspiring individuals who want to develop results-oriented management skills and make informed career choices. He has shared his personal insights to provide guidance on career management and leadership development.

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