About Julie

Focus Areas:

  • Executive coaching – Improve leadership effectiveness through focus and accountability
  • Leadership development – Make the shift from individual contributor to leader
  • Team training – Leverage the strengths of individuals to build better teams
  • Group facilitation – Create the setting for effective, outcome-based board meetings
  • Strategic planning – Focus your time and resources with a clearly defined vision and strategy with your entire team in alignment and driving towards achieving your goals


What Problem are you Facing?

  • Are you an executive looking to improve your effectiveness as a leader?
  • Do you have managers in your organization that were promoted for their technical skills but lack the soft skills needed to energize and lead their teams?
  • Would you like to get your team performing at the highest level, leveraging all of their strengths, creativity, and problem solving capacity?
  • Are you a Board Member tired of endless meetings spent hashing and re-hashing the same issues and never making any progress?
  • Would you like a clear vision and strategy that everyone in your organization understands and is focused on accomplishing?


I facilitate the process for leaders and organizations to gain clarity – to define their vision of success – and create the strategies, goals and plans that align with their values in order to focus their time, energy and resources on accomplishing their shared vision. I help them to leverage their strengths and overcome weaknesses through one-to-one coaching, training, and accountability in order to develop the skills and habits which are the foundation for long term achievement.

Helping leaders find clarity for themselves, their teams and their organization.

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