Gary Albitz

Gary Albitz
(408) 398-2271

High Tech, Finance, Oil and Gas, Energy, Biotech, Clinical Trials, Customer Service, Customer Care, Sales, Marketing, Call Centers, Product Development

Northern California, Hawaiian Islands

ITIL, ASM, IEEE, Rotary, Itsmf

About Gary

Gary’s coaching practice is based on his successful 50 year career in High Tech and his 30 years of athletic high performance. In both cases, motivation, excellence, quality, value, effectiveness, peak performance, and ability to overcome all obstacles to achieve the pinnacles of success in both areas have all been critical success factors. He has had many coaches, managers, and executives (both good and bad). He has won multiple international awards, lead several teams to championships, and brought many companies, products, and projects to successful conclusions (by anyone’s measuring devices). Also included are the requisite failures, cancelations, face plants, and embarrassments. Gary brings this wealth, depth and breadth of experience to his coaching practice for the benefits of his clients.

Gary’s successful experience in designing and delivering hardware, software, and major package applications that are technical solutions to business issues, to the market place has made companies Billions and Billions over the last 5 decades. Gary has synergized with multiple Sales and Marketing corporate teams to find the right product, and feature mix to deliver high value to the customer while building high quality, supportability, and sustainability into products so that the company made profits. Gary has been responsible and accountable for Customer Satisfaction results for decades.

As an individual, in my personal life as in my career, high quality, value, energy, sophistication, contribution and doing the right thing are my areas of enjoyment. Building, growing, learning, and excelling are what captures my imagination.