The Truth About Leaders

The Truth About Leaders

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Leadership 101


We’ve all met them – those charismatic, natural born, inspiring leaders.  What is it about them that makes people want to follow them? And, are leaders born or made?  The good news is that leaders are made.  If you want to become a leader, you have to start with yourself and do an honest self-assessment (or work with a coach to help you through this process).


Leadership is more who you are than what you do. Your ability to develop the qualities of effective leadership – the essence of what it takes to be a leader – is more important to your success as an executive than any other factor.  As Brian Tracy says, one of the great principles of personal development is, “whatever you dwell upon, grows and expands in your experience and personality.”


If you want to become a more effective leader, you need to think and act like a leader, keeping the key qualities of leadership top of mind and guiding your daily activities.  Leadership has to become a habit just like other qualities that are second nature to you.  The more you work on yourself, the more you will accomplish in your life and career.


Where do you begin?


The first step is to accept full responsibility. Can you imagine a leader in any field who does not accept complete responsibility for results – complete responsibility for success? The acceptance of personal responsibility is absolutely essential for high levels of self-esteem, self-respect, and personal pride. Self-responsibility is the difference between proactivity and reactivity: deciding what to do or just reacting to what is happening and hoping for the best.  The great question is – “Who’s in charge of your life?”  If you want to lead others, you must realize that the answer is:  You. You are in charge of your own life one hundred percent.


So, what’s the truth about leaders?  Leaders are made. And, you can become a leader if you are willing to take charge of your life and develop your skills.


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