Ask Peter: Givers Gain

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networking and contributing

People often ask me about the value of networking and contributing… it takes so much time!  No, it’s not always easy to meet another contact, have another coffee, listen to another story or tale of woe… But maybe it’s not supposed to be.  Maybe it’s about giving your attention, your interest, your time…  Maybe that is exactly when you can connect to others in a quasi-selfless way and build a real relationship.  For me and many business coaches, that is part of the reward.

Most people recognize sincerity, and its absence.  How about you?

We teach Active Listening, for example, that, among other skills, requires that you as the listener park you ego.  You are no longer trying to convince the other party of your point of view when you are actively listening.  You are only focused on better understanding what your counterpart is actually trying to express.  You are transparent like a clean window.

That’s why I was so touched when one of our coaches, Karina Guerrero, echoed that message and decided to do something for her community in the form of helping other women and minority owned businesses succeed.

She’s offering a course for two months in the summer but she needs your help to fund the event for 20-25 women and minority owned businesses.

Take a look:  Help Karina.  Maybe it’s your turn to be the Giver who Gains.