Ask Peter: The Lost Art of Reflection

Peter IrishOur clients often ask how they can be more effective… You know, accomplish more in less time…

Speed.  That’s what’s important.  Don’t think.  Just respond…  These are the kinds of mental processes our emailing, voice-mailing, texting culture encourages.  But clearly, responding too quickly can also get you into hot water.

There are many reasons for this.  One of them is the evolution of human emotions (that grew from an ancestor’s sense of smell) and that rest on the limbic system, an ancient survival mechanism in the “reptile brain” that really only knows three responses: dominance (“me first!”), survival (“I’m outta here!”), and adventure or gratification (“just do it…”).  Above this fight or flight basic programming we can choose to reflect for a moment until the signals reach our frontal lobes and then apply a little critical thought and perhaps come up with a more balanced or productive response. See Emotional Intelligence

Another reason may lie in the personality of the individual.  A more extroverted person tends to think out loud and to act more impulsively. See People Development

Whatever the reason, we at FocalPoint Business Coaching regularly help managers to become more effective through self-awareness, time management training, and above all reflection.  This ancient art requires that you stop what you are doing and focus on its purpose, the context, your end goal, on taking a more strategic view, on looking at it as if your time is precious… because it is.  Personally, I use a number of techniques to help business people learn to reflect and to use the power of reflection to become more effective. See Personal Effectiveness
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