Personal Effectiveness

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What could be more important in business than “Personal Effectiveness?”  The motivation this course engenders is captured in the simple question, “Is your team smiling, too?”

Our educational system helps us hone specialized skills intended to make us better managers, salespeople, controllers, operators, etc.  However, the most important set of tools rarely gets a single mention until much later in our professional careers… the behaviors that make us more or less effective.  This is the subject matter of “Personal Effectiveness.”

For example, how can we expect a team member to be effective if he or she lacks self-awareness?  Think about it.  The most effective people you know are aware of how they are seen by others most of the time and use this knowledge to their advantage. They also listen actively, and have learned to use questions to build rapport, clarify, lead a discussion, and resolve issues.

They probably manage their time effectively, too, and seem more productive than others as a result.  Beyond this, they have learned to reflect on themselves, their colleagues, their enterprise, competitors, and even market conditions to draw conclusions that others may miss.

Then they leverage above average communication skills to be more influential and often, better leaders.

We can help your team improve on all of these measures and then you, too, will be all smiles.

If your company could benefit from improvements like these, give us a call or schedule your complimentary 30 minute Business Assessment.  We will help you choose the right program for your needs.