Fewer and Better Emails!

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How many emails to you receive per day?  Imagine how much time you and your staff spends every day on reading, answering and managing often unnecessary emails.  Our COMM@ILICATION program has demonstrated that it is possible to change email culture and behavior, to reduce the volume of email, to make emails more concise, and to promote more effective alternatives to emails so as to speed up communication.

One satisfied client explains:

“As our business continued to grow and needed to re-position for future impact, it has become clear to me and my executive management team that email communication within our pool of managers could be greatly improved.  There were many unnecessary, ill-structured, ill-timed and sometimes wrongly distributed emails.  We wanted to actually change our email culture but we didn’t quite know where to start with it and how to secure the final success of such deep transformation.”

“Fortunately, Peter Irish and FocalPoint Business Coaching did and they proved capable of directing us through the entire process of this transformation.  Using building blocks from their portfolio, Peter and his team devised a year-long program that achieved the following:

■ a highly effective guideline for internal email communication;
■ a significant evolution of both attitudes and perceptions toward internal emails from negative/emotional to positive/rational;
■ a majority shifted from “rarely” considering alternative communication methods (other than sending emails) to “often” considering them;
■ more than 500 internal emails selected at random demonstrated a huge improvement in the main points to word count ratio, fewer details, and in fact a much lower word count per email; and
■ ultimately, almost two-thirds of participants stated that they believe the program has brought about a positive change in email behavior.”

“All of these developments represent a big productivity improvement and a positive cultural shift.”

“We highly recommend Peter Irish and FocalPoint Business Coaching and we believe that any organization can greatly benefit from their services.”

Miro Hosek, CEO, Advanced Food Products, LLC

We can help your organization clean up your email culture, too.

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