Stop Managing! Start Coaching!

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Navigational Conversations™ teaches managers to stop managing their employees and start coaching them instead.

This distributes the solution to your business demands across more shoulders, involves employees actively in solving their own challenges, motivates team members, and offers opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Coach Alay Yajnik says, “Coaching has never been a more important skill in the workplace than it is today.  Managers are typically good at solving problems… That’s how they became managers, but to really succeed today, they need to harness the motivation of their employees by coaching them.”

“In our Navigational Conversations™ course, we dig into this coaching mindset and add specific skills such as amplified listening, asking better questions, and using feedback effectively.  In the context of a coaching mindset, this adds whole new capabilities to an organization.”

“The course is designed for leaders from executives to first time managers, or even informal leaders such as technical experts.”

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